Customise Your Polyester and Nylon Bags

6 May by Premium Pens

Customise Your Polyester and Nylon Bags

What Is Polyester?

Printing of Polyester bag or backpack for event and corporate gifts are commonly seen. Polyester is a generalised term for any fabric or textile which is made using polyester yarns or fibres. It is a synthetic, man-made polymer which is commonly referred to as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). All in all, polyester is a kind of plastic with outstanding qualities that makes it a unique fabric material. As a fabric for a customised bag, polyester is very durable, lightweight and strong. It is quick drying, wrinkle free and does not shrink or stretch. Due to its ability to absorb colour dyes, a polyester backpack is often available in a wide range of colours. It also retains its shape very well which makes the fabric material ideal for custom bags.

What Is Nylon?

Nylon bag material is a plastic with super-long, heavy molecules built up of short, continually repeating sections of atoms. The polymers can be mixed with various substances to achieve different variations in properties. This explains why the material has such varied usages and is suitable for custom printing. As a customised bag fabric material, it bear similarities with polyester. It is strong, lightweight, waterproof and resistant to abrasion. It is wrinkle free and does not stretch as well. However, they have low absorbency and will melt if it catches fire. Nevertheless, its low production cost make it a popular choice for custom nylon bag.

What Are Polyester And Nylon Bags Best Used For?

Goodie Bags For Marathons And Sports Carnivals

Both Polyester and Nylon share similar characteristics. They are strong, lightweight, waterproof, quick drying, stretch and wrinkle free. These qualities make polyester drawstring backpack to be customised ideally for outdoor sporting activities. Our range of polyester drawstring bag models would be ideal for giveaways at marathons or school sports carnival in Singapore. Due to its lightweight and durability, they can be carried while participating in such events. You can store items such as water bottles, towels and t shirt. Being waterproof, you will not need to worry about the bag being soaked in perspiration or items being wet when under the rain.

Custom Polyester Bag & Nylon Bag Printing

All of the polyester bag and nylon bag models from this selection are available for custom printing. The silk screen print method is recommended for 1 to 2 color designs whereas heat transfer is recommended for full color designs. Different bag models may vary in how much you are able to print on the bag surface. Do consult us if you need advice on what works best for your requirements and we will be sure to assist you!

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